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The traditional school systems are effective for most students but, there is clearly a significant number of students that are falling through the cracks and being left behind. Integrity Preparatory Academy was founded specifically to tackle this problem head on and improve the lives of at-risk students and communities across Arizona and the country.


Our Mission:


Integrity Preparatory Academy engages students in a meaningful way to empower them to learn. In an academically challenging education environment, we will support each student’s scholarly progress, spiritual growth, and emotional wellbeing. We will cultivate a sense of community and success to inspire students to earn their high school diploma and most importantly prepare for life as a productive contributor to our communities.


Our Vision:


Imagine an educational program that addresses the needs of EVERY STUDENT, EVERY DAY... 

...Welcome To Integrity Preparatory Academy


Cookie Cutter Doesn't Cut it.

Integrity Prep Academy was born out of frustration with the status quo, and out of a passionate belief in the power of positive relationships to unlock academic potential.

Integrity was modeled around the needs of students who are not finding their success in more traditional school environments – whether they struggled with learning differences, disabilities, social issues, the rigid scheduling of ordinary schools, or the boredom of a classroom not geared to accelerated learners.

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The Time to Take Action is Now.

Set big goals and take big action to reimagine what education can be. At Integrity Prep we focus on EVERY STUDENT, EVERY DAY because we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that serves them best. We create a supportive learning environment where students are held to high expectation. Our program and process is specifically designed to cultivate a sense of belonging and success to inspire students to obtain their high school diploma and prepare for a life as a productive contributor to our communities. 

Students are disengaging at an alarming rate and the costs are to high not to take action. 

The economic impact of disengaged youth is staggering...and we know that together we can do better.


US Impact of disengaged youth



Economic loss of each High school dropout


1 in 5

youth in Arizona are disconnected


Our Programs


Integrity Prep is much more than a high school for grades 9-12 and adults seeking to complete their degree – it’s a revolutionary community of learning where positive relationships and classrooms unlock the academic potential in every student to create opportunities for emotional, social growth, and spiritual growth.


Alternative High School

  • Personalized instruction
  • One on one mentoring
  • Individual learning plans
  • Flexible schedule
  • Small class sizes (15:1 student to teacher ratio)
  • Intimate and comforting learning environment 
  • Arizona standards based curriculum 

Adult education

  • Individual learning plans
  • Online access to complete course from anywhere
  • Arizona standards based curriculum
  • Graduate with a high school diploma - not a GED!

May 2018

My son is coming home from school excited, confident, and motivated to learn.

-Parent of an Integrity Prep Student-



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